About Me

250799_10150892368262261_1896620484_nHi there! I’m Mandy, also known on the internet as Elindranyth. I run this place!

I’m married with no kids, but two adorable cats. My husband and I live in the Chicago suburbs, where we bought our first home in May 2013. He’s a mobile & web app developer. I am an aspiring front end web developer who is currently between IT contracts. In the meantime I’ve accepted a job at a local dancewear shop, as dance is another passion of mine! In my free time I also volunteer as a Site Moderator for Gaia Online, play World of Warcraft, and dabble with a sewing machine.

I’ve been part of Gaia’s moderation team since July 2006. I spent a year as a Forum Assistant, nearly 5 years as an Omni Moderator, and currently work as a Site Moderator. In addition to my role as a moderator, I also create custom Gaia Profile Themes for users on Gaia. I have created a selection of generic free profiles, but more of my work has been custom profiles created in exchange for Gaia currency and items. You can see samples of my work here!

As mentioned above, dance is one of my passions. I was unable to take dance lessons as a child due to my family’s financial situation, but I always loved it dance, and was often found trying to learn stuff my friend learned in her classes, or creating my own dances with friends. It was enough to land me on my high school and college dance teams! As an adult, I’ve found a local dance studio that that teaches adults, and I’ve been dancing there since 2008. My focus has been in ballet, and I was approved for pointe in late 2011.

I began playing World of Warcraft in 2007 with my husband and some other Gaia moderators. Out of everyone I began playing with, I’m the only one left! I play on Skywall, and I’m an officer in my guild, Way of the Wicked. My main character is a Holy/Shadow priest, and I am a healer in my guild’s core raid group.

And finally, I enjoy creating things with my sewing machine. I love finding new things on Pinterest, and I’ve made a few things there! I mostly stick to tote bags, zipper pouches, and I’ve tried my hand at a few clothing articles with pretty decent success. As I create more things, I’ll be sharing them here on this site as well!

So that’s me for now! Hope you enjoy my site!